Pricing Zone 3

Call out fee and full inspection (Excludes work)$300.00+GST
Standard Possum Removal (Includes Inspection and up to 3 entry points)$650.00+GST
Standard Possum Removal using trap (Includes inspection and up to 3 entry points with one attendance that night to release the Possum)$950.00+GST
Trap Re-attendance fee - Additional cost per following day/s until caught$300.00+GST
Two Person Possum Removal (Includes Inspection and up to 3 entry points)$1350.00+GST
Two Person Inspection Fee (Excludes work)$850.00+GST
Dead Animal Carcass Removal (Excludes Inspection report)$650.00+GST
Standard Rat Control (Includes Inspection)$550.00+GST
Maintenance Rat Control /per 15 Bait Stations (Excludes Inspection)$350.00+GST
Rat bait / bait (when maintenance is carried out)$5.00+GST
20 x Rat Bait Bucket (ex $10.00 Shipping)$100.00+GST
40 x Rat Bait Bucket (ex $10.00 Shipping)$150.00+GST
Key Pick up if required from Real Estate / Strata Management$250.00+GST
Possum Box Purchase (No Install) in addition to call out or work costs$200.00+GST
Possum Box Installation / Per Customer supplied Box Installed$200.00+GST
Possum Box with Installation (+ $200 per additional box purchased)$650.00+GST

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