Unresolved Possum Issues

If you call us back any time from the 4th morning onward and inform to us that you are still hearing noise, we will start the following process to resolve the issues
Note: As long as you call within 12 months, if it is longer than 12 months post work it will be considered a new job and usual fees will apply.

Firstly, we will have a phone conversation with you to ascertain the situation and if all the recommendations made in the inspection report have been carried out.
The technician that attended will discuss with you when you are hearing noise, what you are hearing and or seeing as the evidence of activity.

Please be aware if you have also had rodent control, it may not take effect for up to 4 weeks post work, so it is important you take note of the times you hear noises, both rats and possums are more active at night but possums will be noisy at the same time every night on their way out to forage and then again on their return however rats can make noise at any time.

The Technician will ascertain if we need to monitor the situation, if its trapped or will give you the option for us to re-attend if you decide they need to do another inspection to make sure nothing was missed in the initial attendance, then we will book a time with you to attend at your request.

At the time of re-attendance there may be additional costs depending on what is discovered.
If there is a new entry point created on an excluded area or if recommendations have not been carried out as was noted in the inspection report then there will be a minimum call out fee as outlined in the pricing schedule at the time of booking or if its possible to seal the new entry point, we will discuss the cost of this with you at the time.

We use a process of elimination to keep the costs down where possible, if the possum has been blocked from using its main entry/exit point it will likely try to get into the roof through the next easiest option which is often in the roof valley or gutter lines.
If this is the only logical option for the possum gaining entry then a quote will be issued.

If our technician is satisfied that we have successfully blocked all entry points based on the initial inspection, work carried out and recommendations noted in the inspection report, and you are still having issues we then offer the following resolution process.

You pre- pay an inspection fee and we send a different technician if they don’t find anything has been obviously missed or that you haven’t actioned the recommendations then the inspection fee is applicable. If they find an entry the previous technician missed, we will fix this free of charge and refund the inspection fee.

If they don’t find any entry points and you are still having issues, then we suggest you engage your own third-party possum removal company and if they can provide both photographic and a written report as evidence, we will pay for their callout fee and fix the entry point free of charge.     

Post the possum eviction it is also possible that you may hear lighter sounds than what you had experienced when the possum was in your roof. These lighter sounds may be rat activity. Possum and rat activity is present in approximately 70% of the jobs we attend. If rat activity is also found to be present, or you decided not to install rodent control initially we can provide you with a solution to address this if you require.

There is a small chance that a possum will not come out no matter what methods we employ to remove it, if this happens and the possum dies in the roof an additional charge will apply if you request us to remove it we will do our best to recover it but cannot guarantee that we will succeed.

Please note that we do our upmost to prevent a possum dying in your roof and to help us avoid this situation we ask that you work closely with us during the eviction process to ensure a safe exit for the possum.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation and we look forward to resolving your possum issue.


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