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To treat rat activity in and around your property we have installed rat bat stations around the perimeter of the building in strategic areas where the rat’s route of travel is prevalent.  These baiting stations contain CONTRAC BLOX which is a single feeding anticoagulant rodenticide (see attached Material Safety data sheet). NOTE: They are child and pet friendly.

Inspections and Maintenance
To ensure the effectiveness of the rat bait treatment we recommend an inspection of the bait boxes be carried out 2 weeks post the initial installation. The next suggested inspection would be based on how much bait has been eaten in the first 2 weeks. This process is then repeated to ensure the Contrac BloxRat Bait levels are sustained until the rat bait is no longer being consumed. At which point it is advised to periodically check if the bait requires replenishing. To achieve a rodent free environment it is important that the bait levels are sufficient to maintain the effectiveness of the treatment.

Rat Bait Replacement
Depending on how much rat activity is present in your area depends on how often the rat bait needs to be replenished, the more rat activity present in your area the more frequent you may need to inspect and top up the bait.

The bait only needs to be replaced when the bait when is totally eaten. To track how fast the bait is being consumed it would be advisable to open the boxes more frequently at the beginning and once the rats are under control these inspections and top ups will become less frequent. The bait we place in the rat bait stations is a commercial grade bait which is only available to trade. We recommend using this bait when topping up and avoid using bait sold at hardware’s as the bait they sell is domestic grade only and is not as potent and in some instances rats have become immune. To make sure the bait stations are maintained effectively we can carry out maintenance for an inspection fee and the cost of the replaced baits (see confirmation email for pricing). Alternatively the maintenance can be carried out yourself, we will provide you with a key and show you how to maintain the bait boxes. (Refer to the DIY MAINTENANCE TIPS section below). You can purchase the bait refills by contacting Possum Piper via email or 1300 880 194 during office hours Monday to Friday 9am – 6pm, Saturday 10am – 2pm.

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Contrac Blox Rat Bait is fast acting for use in and around homes, agricultural, commercial and industrial buildings.

  • Contrac Blox is a single-feeding anticoagulant rodenticide containing the active ingredient, Bromadiolone.
  • It is an excellent clean-out and maintenance bait to control mice and rats, including warfarin-resistant Norway rats.
  • Contrac Blox is specially formulated with an optimal blend of food-grade ingredients and a small amount of
  • paraffin. The result is a highly palatable, yet weatherable, bait that works well in wet and dry conditions.
  •  Bait acceptance with Contrac is superior due to its highly palatable formulation. Contrac Blox has multiple edges
  • that appeal to a rodent’s desire to gnaw. Rodents can consume a lethal dose in just one feeding.
  • Bait shyness is not a problem with Contrac because mortality occurs a few days after bait is consumed. Contrac is
  • also less toxic to non-target animals, in both primary and secondary poisoning situations, than other single-feeding
  • anticoagulants. The antidote, Vitamin K1, is readily available and there is a time factor for treatment.
  • Most suitable for controlling rats but is also effective against mice.
  • It is important to replace the blocks once they become more than 50% eaten to minimize the chance of blocks
  • being removed from rat bait stations.

Follow these basic tips when carrying out your pest control programme to ensure you get maximum
benefit at minimum cost:

  • Anticipate the problem rather than reacting to it.
  • Expose all of the pests to the control measure at the same time and remove all other food options if possible.
  • Follow label directions. This will improve results and minimise the risk to non-target animals.
  • Replenish Contrac Blox Rat Bait when they are consumed by pests and offer a generous amount of
  • Contrac Blox Rat Bait.
  • Use bait stations to ensure Contrac Blox Rat Bait remains fresh and dry plus prevents access by non
  • target species.
  • Trim back any tress/branches hanging onto the roof by approx. 300mm to stop this as a route of travel

Bromadiolone is a potent rodenticide. It is a second-generation 4-hydroxycoumarin derivative, often
called a “super-warfarin” for its added potency and tendency to accumulate in the liver of the poisoned
organism. When first introduced to the UK market in 1980, it was effective against the populations that
had become resistant to the first generation anticoagulants.
The product may be used both indoors and outdoors for rats and mice.
Bromadiolone can be absorbed through the digestive tract, through the lungs, or through skin contact.
The pesticide is generally given orally. The substance is a vitamin K antagonist. The lack of vitamin K
in the circulatory system reduces blood clotting and will cause death in large dosages due to internal

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